oral piercings

These days teens, young adults and even older men and women are joining the piercing craze. Oral piercing and something known as tongue splitting is big business with people having their cheeks, tongues, and lips pierced. It may seem crazy to some, but oral piercing is huge and whether it’s a fad or not, people will keep on piercing.

According to Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic in Wichita TX, unlike ear piercing, which rarely causes complications, oral piercing and tongue splitting can have major side effects that could cause other health issues as well.

Your mouth is loaded with both healthy and unhealthy bacteria. Bad bacteria can enter the wound causing a nasty infection. Swelling and infection is frequent in people who have had oral piercings. In some cases, people’s tongues have closed off the airway for breathing because of the swelling.

If the jewelry breaks, you run the risk of biting down on it and cracking or breaking a tooth. If your stud or barbell breaks, you could even choke on it or swallow it. Tongue, cheek, and lip piercing can also be to blame for endocarditis and hepatitis.

Piercing your cheeks, lips tongue, or the uvula, that small tissue that dangles from the back of your throat can interfere with chewing, swallowing, and the way you talk.

Oral Piercings Can also Cause

Swelling, Pain and Infection-Because of the moist environment in your mouth bacteria thrives. Having a hole in your tongue, cheek, or lip is an invitation for bacterial growth. Infections can become life threatening and needed to be treated immediately.

As previously mentioned a pierced tongue can cause severe swelling and even affect your ability to breathe.

Restoration Damage-Because people like to play with their jewelry fillings, crowns and dental veneers can become damaged.

Tooth Positioning Issues-Because of the pressure from the mouth jewelry, teeth can be pushed forward.

Metal Sensitivity- Dr. Richard C. Guest from Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic explains that people who are sensitive to metal could have an allergic reaction at the piercing site.

Nerve Damage-Sometimes irreversible, nerve damage caused by piercing could result in a numb tongue. Although most report no long lasting effects, a numb tongue could be permanent. An injured nerve in your tongue could affect tongue movement and taste.

Drooling-You may think it’s cute when your Boxer drools, but it isn’t very attractive if you are the one doing the drooling. Because your body produces more saliva after a piercing, you could become a drooler.

If you are considering tongue, lip, or cheek piercing, do your research. Ask your friends or post a question on social media. Find out how many of your friends and followers have had problems because of oral piercings.

What can appear to be cool can have dire consequences when it comes to the health of your teeth and gums and the rest of your body. If you aren’t quite convinced call or click and schedule and appointment with Dr. Guess from Maplewood Laser Dentistry in Wichita KS.

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