oral cancer screening

An oral cancer screening is extremely important as it can detect the early stages of certain types of mouth cancers. Every year thousands across America are diagnosed with pharyngeal or oral cancer causing over 8,000 deaths in the US annually. This serious disease is best caught in its earliest stages so that you can start a treatment plan.

Technology to Catch it Early

Modern technology along with oral cancer screening makes it easy to catch the symptoms that you won’t detect on your own. Maplewood Laser Dental Clinic in Wichita Falls TX has the skills and the experience to provide you with a comprehensive oral cancer screening during your dental checkup.

The Examination

Dr. Richard C. Guess will examine your teeth, gums and feel your neck and jaw for any abnormalities. He will examine your throat and check out your tongue to make sure everything looks normal. If he detects any issues further testing may be recommended.

Signs or Symptoms

You may not notice any obvious physical changes in your mouth, and quite often, you will not feel pain, however, oral cancer can go undetected during its early stages. With oral cancer screenings every year, you are beating the odds when it comes to tongue, mouth, and lip and throat cancer.

When you schedule a checkup with Maplewood Laser Dentistry, you can be certain that any tissue changes or abnormalities will be thoroughly checked. If a biopsy is needed Dr. Guess will make sure that it is sent to the lab for testing to determine if further action is required.

What to Look For

Some of the things to look for include white or red patches on the inside of your mouth or around your lips. Small ulcers or sores that won’t heal are other signs that something is not right. If you have any lumps or bumps, schedule an appointment with Maplewood Laser Dentistry for an oral cancer screening. It really could save your life.

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